17.03.2010 Dear Doctor! For the last year i have varicose veins on my genital area (on penis) and also in testicles. But my main problem is the ones on penis. It happened to me after an injury. Veins give me great discomfort during day and has discoloration on the penis. Urologists and vein surgers dont want to make surgery to the area for the further risks. so i want to know the possibility of treating veins with therapy. i have 2-3 veins like that on my penis and they have small branches. My questions for you are; I would like to ask you the possibility of treating these veins and maybe the other damages i have inside Have you ever done this kind of treatment (or for erectile dysfunction) and what was the results? And last the cost of this treatment with this case and what is included for treatment. Emre
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I pelagia taniashvili living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Born oktomber 25th 1951. i has been undergoing treatment at SYNTHESIS Traumatological- ortopaedic clinic from 2002 . during this period i was 3 times hospitalized. konclusion about health or full diagnose (basic ilness, accpmpanied illnesses, difficultes ) osteochondroz of waist vertebras L4-L5 Arotrozy.diskenctomy of meddle vertebra limbs, next period of spondiolodezy , spasitic of left shin muscles, second hand rootine algic sindrome in shapen phase you can help me?, me oparetion and to arrive to your country Consultation to me needs your invitation card. And, please, if you can send To me The invitation for consultation. Sincerely Pelagia

Orthopedist Dr. Elviz Qasımov
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Hi, Mrs Pelagia. As i understand you have problems wıth your low back and you have got 2 operations from disk herniation and then spondilodesis ( that means instrumentation of your spine.Now your complaint about spasticity was before operation or after?I need for information about you...And i need imaging studies before and after operations...

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